Friday, January 22, 2010


Did some backgrounds. I enjoy this more because it's more like the things I did waayyy back (well, 1 and a bit years) in 6th form at school. I was a bit gutted when Cath gave us the brief because she's limited us to a certain size. Apart from that this is going to be an amazing project because I love drawing/painting landscapes. Not so much the interiors but theres only one of them so I don't mind. Apart from the size restrictions the brief is pretty liberal. In a seminar the other day she described and explained the rules, or guidlines, of composition. I have written them all down so I don't forget to ignore and disobey them.

I loathe academic composition because it's what everybody does and its predictable and yes it might be pleasing to the eye but I find nothing more boring than 3 evenly spaced trees with a horizon in the middle of the picture. Unless its something interesting and mathmatical like....and now I can't for the life of me remember the painting, but It was buy an italian in the 14th or 15th centuary, Francisco something? It had Jesus in the centre, and doves and a river, but everything made a geometical shape. So if you lined Jesus's foot with the doves eye and the branch of a tree it made a trianlge, or something like that. Anyway, so i'm doing my very best to make things in twos, fours or fives or more, have it unbalanced, and generally a bit unorthadox. I have a feeling that I might have conformed to the rules in some because it's kind of natural to do something pleasing.

Here's what I did so far. The snow one is taken from a picture and I guess in nature you have to look quite hard to find something that isn' done in threes or that isn't balanced. Or I could've just used artistic licence I suppose. Anyway.

If anyone is actually interested, my favourite artists, and the ones I try to...uh...copy (steal from) the most are; Paul Cezanne, Monet, Van Gough, Egon Schielle, Turner, Jean-Francois Millet, Paul Gauguin (good calvin and hobbes comic on him by the way), Kurt Jackson, Andrew Giddens and Robert Jones. (the last 3 are all contemporary cornish artists if anyone's interested - and before you make any assumptions of poverty Kurt Jackson is actually a multi millionaire.)

Yes its lego....but the light is what I was looking at. (Interior nicked...I mean influenced from Avatar and Halo)

Mostly drawn with a rubber. I gave up a bit on the snow because we can't use colour on this one. Might be a good one to do using a monochromatic palate, of blue.

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