Friday, December 9, 2011


(Took me 2 and a half hours but maybe by best realistic one yet?)

Cam Newton, Quarterback
Carolina Panthers
2010 - Present

Welcome to the NFL.

So this is my little side project. Football. I'm going to make a rotoscoped and animated short film like the films made by NFL films (or go to the NFL and all the videos on their are made by either NFL Total Access or NFL films). It'll be at least a couple of minutes long, I've done a few tests (rolling uploads on this post) and I can do about 5 seconds in a couple of hours because the style is real loose. I basically whack the tiffs into photoshop because I don't have TVP Paint on my laptop.

I've done more finished drawings/digital paintings mainly for pleasure more than anything else, but they also serve as concept artwork. The actual animated drawings aren't this precisely done.

I'm working on some ones with atmosphere in them such as snow (just trying to find good pictures) so keep a look out.

Joe Montana ("Joe Cool", "Golden Joe"), Quarterback
San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs
1979 - 1994
Hall of Fame class of 2000
(if you're at all interested in Football - start by knowing who Golden Joe is)

Barry Sanders, Running Back
Detroit Lions
1989 - 1998
Hall of Fame class of 2004

Because pictures don't explain how amazing Barry Sanders was.

Jerry Rice, Wide Receiver
San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks
1985 - 2004
 Hall of Fame class of 2010.

Deacon Jones, ("The Secretary of Defense"), Defensive End
L.A./St.Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins
1961 - 1974
Hall of Fame class of 1980

Chicago Bears
1975 - 1987
Hall of Fame class of 1993

John Elway, Quarterback
Denver Broncos
1983 - 1998
Hall of Fame class of 2004

Ray Rice; Running Back
Baltimore Ravens
2008 - present.

Side note; Ray Rice and Barry Sanders are 5ft8, Maurice Jones-Drew is 5ft7, Darren Sproles (coming) is 5ft6. - proof you don't have to be a 6ft6 monster to play in the NFL.

(got this one down to about 12 minutes)
Maurice Jones-Drew ("Pocket Heracles"), Running Back
Jacksonville Jaguars
2006 - Present

Brett Favre, Quarterback
Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings
1991 - 2010

Marcus Allen; Running Back
Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs
1982 - 1997
Hall of Fame class of 2003

DeMarcus Ware ("B-Ware"), Outside Linebacker
Dallas Cowboys 
2005 - Present

Ed Reed, Free Safety (coming out of the tunnel before a game)
Baltimore Ravens
2002 - Present

Joe Thomas, Offensive Tackle
Cleveland Browns
2007 - Present

Warren Sapp ("The QB Killa") Defensive Tackle
Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders
1995 - 2007

Bruce Smith Defensive End
Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins
1985 - 2003
Hall of Fame class of 2009. 

Keenan Clayton, Linebacker
Philadelphia Eagles
2010 - present

Charles ("Mean Joe") Greene, Defensive Tackle
Pittsburgh Steelers
1969 - 1981
Hall of Fame class of 1987.

Walter Jones, Offensive Tackle
Seattle Seahawks
1997 - 2009 

Calvin ("Megatron") Johnson, Wide Receiver 
Detroit Lions
2007 - Present

Andre Johnson Wide Receiver
Houston Texans 
2003 - Present

Charles Woodson , Cornerback
Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers
1998 - Present

Chad Ochocinco, Wide Receiver
Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots
2001 - Present

(Not a lot of drawing more photo manipulation) 

Justin Tuck, Defensive End
New York Giants
2005 - Present

(this one is taken from a still from the Madden NFL game which is why he looks a bit...special)
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quarterback 
St. Louis Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills
2005 - Present

(this is also taken from a still of Madden NFL)
Jaylun Foster, Defensive End
Buffalo Bills
He's actually a made up player (one of the Madden created Rookies that you can draft in the game)

So anyway, these are some of the posters I've created for the team I play on at the University, the Falmouth Tridents, using the above techniques. 

Player - Ray Lewis , Linebacker
Baltimore Ravens 1996 - present

Player - Jonathan Vilma, Linebacker
New York Jets, New Orleans Saints
2004 - Present

Player - Deion Sanders, Cornerback
Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins Baltimore Ravens
1990 - 2005
Hall of Fame class of 2011

This is what the video is going to look like ; (apologies for poor quality but I don't have premier on this computer yet) It's rotoscoped, the final thing will be a mix of rotoscope and pure animation (like the below clip is)

FAIL. Oh well.

Patchwork Production Bible

So I didn't get the go ahead. But it's alright. No big deal. Pressures off a little bit anyway. I'm gonna work on some peoples projects doing layouts and things like that and make (american) Football related videos with the team!

Above is basically what I handed in for the term. I was going to re-jig a few images but, doesn't seem like it'll make a whole lot of difference right now.

(these are the music tracks. They're in the bible but it doesn't seem to work from scribd)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I drew these too. Well...wacomed them.

This is what I showed. It's me playing the music on the geetar. So. Enjoy. hopefully.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Animatic and music.

It's actually a little bit sad. The music does it. It made me well up a bit!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Well I would have uploaded it but it's been an hour and a few reloads later and Blogger isn't playing ball either so. Forget computers I'm going outside...

I have been working. But, I don't really have anything new to post up. This is all my animatic so far because premier is being a know what. It refuses to export the last 30 seconds of the thing too.
I've coloured it in and re-done parts and its much clearer but Premier isn't having it so, try again tomorrow. I'll just post that up so you see I am doing stuffs!

But yeh, I've pretty much re-written the script like 5 times. re-done the storyboard another 5 times, so it gets a bit boring to just post up tiny changes every other day, so I'm doing it all in one big chunk now!

Hopefully it's going pretty good. We've got an independent judger to watch our animatics on the 7th of December so that's the deadline for this, which gives me 8 days.

The sound hasn't been made yet because I've had to switch who I'm using (the other guy is swamped with work) and I'm yet to record my voice scratch track because we haven't managed to be free at the same time yet! Bit frustrating but thats how it goes I guess.

It's all still on schedule though, maybe even a bit ahead. the middle of the script has been really hard to work with and get right and it's probably still not 100% there at this point.
Short and sweet today.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sympathy Vote? project actually got selected to the next round? Everybody was saying I got asked some difficult questions so I may have gotten a sympathy vote, I don't know. Doesn't really matter does it?

So the next stage is to produce a full pre-production bible (majority of that is done in terms of design and concept work now just have to bring it to life with mockups etc) and a production animatic with scratch sound tracks.

So here is the starting point of everything, well, the second starting point after the script. The Production story board. So it's rough, it's not an art work it's merely telling the story and working out shots. I've done this all today (from 4th picture down) so it will likely change and be re-worked as I re-visit it during the week. But for now, here it is, I done it, can't say I haven't. Also the shots and things aren't numbered yet.

If you know the song Something in the Way by Nirvana you may spot the few references I've put in there as the 'Son' (unseen character) is based a bit on Kurt Cobain.

Also here's the opening monologue so you can hopefully see how it might work together.

"Why do we vie with ourselves? [pause]. Why does this happen? [pause]. Who robbed you of light? Of life? Who stole your dreams? Hidden deeper than any soul could hope to find. [pause] Was it me? Is this my fault? What is this evil that toys with us? My cage sits by your grave. The years won’t matter but it’s the days that I can’t stand. "

So up to here is where I've done today. The opening sequence I'm still not 100% sure about and I may cut it out all together. (this is also where the monologue ends but that may change which is why I haven't written it all in)

I've just noticed I've forgotten to write in here in the first panel the Mother says "you never did dress warmly" hence why she has the scarf.

(may not be totally clear on here but the neighbour is holding the door open which is why his left arm is out like that...production storyboard, therefore not expertly drawn)

I've also just added to this now, a red scarf now fades in with the blue scarf on the black screen and the two entwine so that the audience clearly gets the connection of the scarves.

Anyhows, time to dress my puppet as shes been naked for too long! Really need to crack on with sets and things so that's the main task for next week with the animatic.