Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sympathy Vote? project actually got selected to the next round? Everybody was saying I got asked some difficult questions so I may have gotten a sympathy vote, I don't know. Doesn't really matter does it?

So the next stage is to produce a full pre-production bible (majority of that is done in terms of design and concept work now just have to bring it to life with mockups etc) and a production animatic with scratch sound tracks.

So here is the starting point of everything, well, the second starting point after the script. The Production story board. So it's rough, it's not an art work it's merely telling the story and working out shots. I've done this all today (from 4th picture down) so it will likely change and be re-worked as I re-visit it during the week. But for now, here it is, I done it, can't say I haven't. Also the shots and things aren't numbered yet.

If you know the song Something in the Way by Nirvana you may spot the few references I've put in there as the 'Son' (unseen character) is based a bit on Kurt Cobain.

Also here's the opening monologue so you can hopefully see how it might work together.

"Why do we vie with ourselves? [pause]. Why does this happen? [pause]. Who robbed you of light? Of life? Who stole your dreams? Hidden deeper than any soul could hope to find. [pause] Was it me? Is this my fault? What is this evil that toys with us? My cage sits by your grave. The years won’t matter but it’s the days that I can’t stand. "

So up to here is where I've done today. The opening sequence I'm still not 100% sure about and I may cut it out all together. (this is also where the monologue ends but that may change which is why I haven't written it all in)

I've just noticed I've forgotten to write in here in the first panel the Mother says "you never did dress warmly" hence why she has the scarf.

(may not be totally clear on here but the neighbour is holding the door open which is why his left arm is out like that...production storyboard, therefore not expertly drawn)

I've also just added to this now, a red scarf now fades in with the blue scarf on the black screen and the two entwine so that the audience clearly gets the connection of the scarves.

Anyhows, time to dress my puppet as shes been naked for too long! Really need to crack on with sets and things so that's the main task for next week with the animatic.

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