Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Patchwork Pitchy Pictures

Okay so because I'm obviously not going to have time to manufacture clothes by Friday I've taken Ann's suggestion and just wrapped a bit of a shawl around her but she looks a bit of a granny like that but I think that's due to the overload of white. It's padded out with cotton wool underneath. Also I haven't decided on the hair, may use something other than cotton wool, but that gives you an idea (also if I did use the wool I'd paint it). The hands are supposed to be blocky, but they're scooped out on the palms so she can hold stuff.

Oh and I need to get rid of the nose bit, but that'
s easily done.

So either one of two things has happened. I've either bought a brand of super sculpey that stays white when it's baked, or I've not had it in for long enough. I've baked it at about 140 ish for an hour, and the packet says 130 for 15-30 minutes.

If it has stayed white instead of going that nice light umber pinky colour then I'm going to plan B or C.

Plan B is to paint the face. Plan C is to wrap it in string like in t
he below film "Zero". However I'll only wrap the face in string, and it's purely visual. Because just white like that is shit. I'm favouring Plan C, so a trip to the fabric shop is in order tomorry.

It's like painting.

This was shown to me by a second-year, said my character reminded her a bit of these. I'm very intrigued and now toying with the idea of making my puppets 'skin' into string like this.

This isn't really a concept....just....muckin aboot.

I has re-done her with no eyes! Maybe need to fiddle around with the hue on her clothes a bit more but not right now because Photoshop is having a tantrum....well the computer's been on all day so probably time to give it a rest.

This is what I finally uploaded. Apparently she looks like a grandmother though. I disagree, but then again I would/have to. The face re-do was in conjunction with criticism (constructive obviously) that she didn't look stop-motiony enough. So I had a quick look at Coraline and some other Tim Burton things, and some Aardman, because they're the only main-stream stop-motion that I can think of, and came up with that. But now she looks too Disney and too old and too expressive. Well there's just no pleasing some people. It's kinda hard to work on this project because every tutor tells you something different and they always contradict so you have to chose who to ignore and who to listen to.

So back to the blank face it is. I figured I'd do some expression drawings anyway in case somebody accused me of taking the easy road. Although that above image may be in the brochure it's not the end of the world because it's only in the brochure and it's not going to be massive massive HUGE. Soo another little tinker and I'll have it all sorted. The good news is I can chose images, I mean, I've drawn enough so I don't have to panic about creating more pretty pictures.
also have to get my puppet all dolled up (haw haw haw) and take a photo of her.

Just mucking about with different hair styles.

Ohhh look at me I'm a Disney character. The gaunt blank look seems to work better with the mood so I'm sticking with removing the whites of the eyes. Although in my brochure image I gave her big eyes, because I'm clever like that...

All I done is taken away the pencil lines. Looks kinda cool, no?

Disney mum's struggle with small but mighty terriers.

The dog has a reduced role now so doggy concepts are not so pressing.

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