Monday, November 28, 2011


Well I would have uploaded it but it's been an hour and a few reloads later and Blogger isn't playing ball either so. Forget computers I'm going outside...

I have been working. But, I don't really have anything new to post up. This is all my animatic so far because premier is being a know what. It refuses to export the last 30 seconds of the thing too.
I've coloured it in and re-done parts and its much clearer but Premier isn't having it so, try again tomorrow. I'll just post that up so you see I am doing stuffs!

But yeh, I've pretty much re-written the script like 5 times. re-done the storyboard another 5 times, so it gets a bit boring to just post up tiny changes every other day, so I'm doing it all in one big chunk now!

Hopefully it's going pretty good. We've got an independent judger to watch our animatics on the 7th of December so that's the deadline for this, which gives me 8 days.

The sound hasn't been made yet because I've had to switch who I'm using (the other guy is swamped with work) and I'm yet to record my voice scratch track because we haven't managed to be free at the same time yet! Bit frustrating but thats how it goes I guess.

It's all still on schedule though, maybe even a bit ahead. the middle of the script has been really hard to work with and get right and it's probably still not 100% there at this point.
Short and sweet today.


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