Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Hate


No I haven't seen Nightmare Before Christmas I don't know what you're on about guv...
It's supposed to look a bit cut out. It was actually an accident, but I think someone said once (and If they didn't I'm saying it now) that the best paintings are a series of accidents. It may have been my Art teacher at school that said that. Anyway, yes it was a good mistake, well I think it was.

Does it give you the willies?


I've got other face designs but in the interest of quickness I chose that for the time being. Anyway, headed in the right direction. Gots to perfect the storyboard. 

How to draw a spooky knob;

obviously this is rough, but you get the idea.

Maybe you'll read to here and wonder why I am drawing spooky doorknobs. Well, this is why.

So the transcript for the bit i'm gonna animate is - 

"I hate round doorknobs, round doorknobs are kinda creepy, they're a little creepy, they're in horror films, you're watching a horror film and that round doorknob sorta twists and slowly opens and you're like 'ugh' don't do that" 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Boy in the Flowerbed


The two above are older drawings that I've just reworked a bit. Everything below is new.

It's a greenhouse from the top (this is part of 6 drawings that'll make sense all together)

These first 3 are going to be used as mini-title pages. 

These three are the character pages. 

Obviously everything needs to be coloured and written up. Colouring is first on the menu. Next week environments (they're in progress) will be up.


There was once a garden. 
The most beautiful and bountiful garden any one had ever seen. 
There were bright purple orchids, tulips and violets.
Red peonies and sunny daffodils and a lawn so green.
 The garden was owned and kept by a sour old man 
Who only smiled when the flowers sang for water from his old green watering can. 
Then one day a dog, a creature crafty and playful by nature 
He crept into the garden whilst the old man was reading the paper. 
The dog loved to dig, and dig he did until he could dig no more. 
He dug deeper and deeper and deeper until his furry paws were sore.
When the old man looked he found the dog looking proudly at a freshly dug hole.
He scowled and frowned and began to yell at the dog 
When he saw the state of his grand prize perennial. 
The dog took turn and fled, but the man had a feeling 
He'd not seen the last of that dogs' shaggy grey head...

American Football Animation (cont. updates)

Basic storyboard for what'll happen. I will be animating this after I've handed in my Dissertation proper - so basically the 2nd half of the semester. 

I don't really know what to call it. Since this is basically a 10 second animated introduction to the Uni American Football team I play for, the Falmouth Tridents it doesn't really have a name. Anyway, so, this blog post (a long with The Boy in the Flowerbed post) is basically gonna stay like this and I'll update it and add to it as I do stuff, rather than posting endlessly. Less clutter then.

This is a rough look of what the short will look like. The style at least.

I'm laying it out like a book (there will be writing added on the pages). As of today (Saturday 12th) I've also keyframed out the 10 second thing, so I'll be inbetweening it and line testing it all this week. I'm going to work alternate days on this and the Boy in the Flowerbed and Love-Hate (alice's project). Anyway like I said this blog will be a rolling blog post and there's more drawings that will appear every other day or so.

What I want to have eventually is a graphic book of Football for Dummies. So there's a breakdown of the positions, the history of the AFL and NFL, the hall of fame, key players and a couple of pages for each team with the most impact players in recent memory and then the classical players (so for the Cowboys it would be a big picture of DeMarcus Ware and then smaller profiles of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Randy White, Bullet Bob Hayes, etc etc), and the rules, and famous games and moments and of course NFL films. Obviously I have a shit load more drawing and digital painting to do.

So the pictures on these pages are a bit randomly organized at the minute but that's the direction I'm going in with this. It'll be a long term thing that I'll continue after my degree.

Falmouth Tridents! Yay! 
(these pictures were taken by friends on the photography course.)