Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Hate


No I haven't seen Nightmare Before Christmas I don't know what you're on about guv...
It's supposed to look a bit cut out. It was actually an accident, but I think someone said once (and If they didn't I'm saying it now) that the best paintings are a series of accidents. It may have been my Art teacher at school that said that. Anyway, yes it was a good mistake, well I think it was.

Does it give you the willies?


I've got other face designs but in the interest of quickness I chose that for the time being. Anyway, headed in the right direction. Gots to perfect the storyboard. 

How to draw a spooky knob;

obviously this is rough, but you get the idea.

Maybe you'll read to here and wonder why I am drawing spooky doorknobs. Well, this is why.

So the transcript for the bit i'm gonna animate is - 

"I hate round doorknobs, round doorknobs are kinda creepy, they're a little creepy, they're in horror films, you're watching a horror film and that round doorknob sorta twists and slowly opens and you're like 'ugh' don't do that" 

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