Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Secret Life of Jacoby Jones

So here's some new panels from the ol' comic strip. I'm still not really sure what's going on. But I like that. I have a vague idea but it's kind of writing itself. I like mucking about with drawings though. I get a lot of inspiration from Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth and Stray Toasters because on most pages they do away with conventional Watchmen style uniform panels. Not to take anything away from Watchmen (it is brilliant) but I like the sometimes almost random panels. For one page I sort of did a 'take a pen for a walk' thing where I just drew squares and rectangles over each other in no particular order. I like keeping it sort of un-linear.
Anyway It's kind of a fun summer thing to do. I'm hoping it helps my storyboarding in the long run.

And I really do know what's going on. Basically, our hero is a bit nuts. He thinks he's a robot. Also, a bit like Kickass, he wants to be a superhero but doesn't have any particular powers or is even good at fighting. Anyway. What it actually is, is he IS a robot but he thinks he's a human. Make sense? Anyway, there's two story strands one where he's human and one where he's a robot. When he's a human he's in an almost dream world and trapped by a wicked witch who killed his cow and best friend Daisy. He constantly tries to rescue a pretty damsel in distress. In his Robot world he is a superhero. Well, he's just a person with a cape. And he meets a real superhero called "Shade" who is just a shadow, but he's sort of like the liquid terminator from Terminator 2: Judgement Day and 'Skinner' from the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, in that he's invisible except for when he's wearing his coat and hat. But he can do loads of cool things.

Anyway, so Shade possesses our hero and turns him bad. Because it turns out that the Robot is actually quite powerful and has lots of powers. Eventually the Robot manages to get rid of Shade, who it turns out is also the Wicked Witch in the human world. He get's captured by the 'Suits' (secret government deal) and its interrogated where he confesses to everything (This is where the story starts) then it ends with him finally expelling and defeating Shade and discovering that oh actually I am a Robot after all.

SEE! Perfectly straightforward....

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