Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ideal Height

Right, so, I don't really do this a lot so this very surreal...typing to myself, but to other people, it's like talking to yourself in your head but everybody can just pop in and take a good long look.
Before doing this I've taken a look at other peoples' blogs just to get a swig of what this is all about.

Anyway, Just come back from our err..sketchbook seminar. I always find it funny when I Introduce myself, because I find myself giving out a life explanation of my familys history. Paddy, is that short for...Patrick, oh Irish? Yes, southern or northern? Belfast, ohh right... Then cue the poorly executed Limerick (spelling? :P) accent, (tirty tirty top of thee mornin' to ya) or an observation of my flatline english accent and the fact I live in Wales. (Cue sheep jokes) So let's get this out of the way,
My dad left Ireland when he was 18, to study in Scotland (he thought St.Andrews was in S.England though...ha!), met my mother, moved to Monmouth in Wales for the Waitrose and the School. So ...
Right back to the point,

First task, something I'm familiar with, 2d animation.
I did a lot of it during my Foundation course (also at falmouth) last year. I am aware Sian was on the same course, and if you're reading this sian sorry I never actually talked to you much but, and this might sound lame, I overreached myself last year and, well long story short, overworked myself and spent a lot of time with a stomach virus and food poisoning. I actually had to re-do and work more of it over the summer to eventually pass just before comming here.

Anyway what I did was this little superdog, i don't have it on this computer so I can't upload it, although it is on my facebook page, which ill link to now ;

if you can't view it then...erm, I don't know. The Music is 'New Slang' by the Shins.
I drew enough for 5 minutes of animation but due to the uh, sicknesses, theres only 1m30 on there, which is kind of...frustrating but thats what it is.

I'm actually a fine art Painter by trade (i do sell a few now and then) so over summer that's what I was up to, I did do one 10 second animation for Channel 4's E-Stings competition for the chance to win £5000. No Idea if it won or got anything yet. I actually missread the deadline and only had 4 days to do it so that's why its a bit...iffy.

Still no idea what to do for this Circle thing. I've thought of whole Films I could do and other things I can't fit into 3 seconds. I've gone from poo (don't ask why) to balls of string, so some kind of transforming robot death killer back to a kitten... etc. I going to do it today though, so I shall get back to this with that.
For the most part my insperation comes from Music, or Rythme. If I listen to a song I can think of something to fit that song. And I'm very interested in quite old animation where they animation in rythme, and something I find facsinating (having read the Animators Survival Guide by Richard Williams) is how the 'old masters' of animation could tap their pencils in time, and flick paper in time and relate feet to seconds and do it all perfectly.

That said I'm not that into music videos. I'm into morphing things into other things and using that to tell stories and doing it to co-incide with music. To the most part that's what I did with my superdog thing.

Anyway at the risk of dragging this on and on I think I shall stop ohh...right

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  1. Huh. I had wondered why I didn't see much of you last year, but I put it down to working at home in Tuke with lots of lazy lie-ins, but it was actually stress-induced stomach aches? Owch man, I know that feeling myself.