Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Money for Nothing

Haven't actually written in here recently. Woops. I have an excuse for this week though, maybe not strictly relevant, but I got mugged in Elephant and Castle on Sunday, at gunpoint I might add. Walking back from the Tube station to my friends flat. So I've been on and off the phone to the bank and police cancelling cards, re-itteratting statements, getting crime references and all that etc etc.

Still have no idea how to actually get my stuff onto this blog, so I have that to ask this week so apologies for the lack of evidence of work.

Most of my attempts at animation over the past 2 weeks have been hindered by my flounderings in front of a computer. I can't wait until I can just write a script and let someone else struggle with lineing up paper with pegs, getting frustrated with mayas frequent crashes and realise they're not that good at drawing circles.

So we did a 2D bouncing ball and a 3d one. my 3d one was better, just. mainly because the ball was consitantly spherical. Timing is a lot harder than it looks. I think I got there. Just. But I'm not worried as I am a complete novice and this is the first term so hopefully as time progresses so shall I.

I'm really enjoying the side project, Animal Heads, the sketchbook project. I find people take it quite personally when you give them, say, a Hippo head. (so I'm fat, like a hippo then?) I have to explain, no, today Is just Hippo head day. No you don't look like a rat sir, it's just my project.
They never look convinced however. My forms are still a bit rusty, but the life drawing on thursdays has really helped me shake of that rust and well, practice makes perfect I guess.

I've missed 2 lectures this week and feel really bad. The reason being last tuesday I was horribly ill and yesturday was as I said before, bank and police chit chat day. So I'm grateful for the notes on moodle and will obviously have to catch up a bit.

Anyhow, still enjoying the course. My favourite bit at the minute is actually the alternative animation. Derriks choice of films are pretty good. I especially liked Neighbours (last week) and the one about the Northern bloke trying not to go to hell.
I'm guessing in 2D and 3D it's just learning the trade at the minute and probably for the rest of the term which is well, great because I know nothing. Well, I know something but not enough to make a film I mean.

So yeah this week might actually turn into a bit of a write-off. I've got my quota of animal-head sketches to do this week. I'm trying to expand into different styles. I got stuck into a bit of the Quentin Blake type illustration style, and got told to try different things, which I found qutie Ironic because the stuff she described to try was actually how I normally draw, bold and expressive. the Quentin Blake style was actually me trying something different. So yes I shall start to don the charcoal and graphite and get a bit messy now.

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