Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok so, walking. Might have missed a blog or two. Apologies.
Walking is bloody difficult. Not actually doing it. Animating it. I found it easier on the 3D one because you could reset things, play it back constantly, view it from different angles and fine-tune the movements easily. Whereas with 2D and drawing it, it is a pain in the neck because if you make a mistake that's fairly catastrophic you have to redraw the whole thing. And even with different coloured legs (so I knew which was left and right) I still confused myself and at one point had him moving just his right leg and the left leg going nowhere.

I also found it more difficult to get some hip movement on the 2D walk cycle. I have also given up on the arm movement for the time being because it has just proven too much to handle and I'd like to concentrate on the legs, hips and shoulder movements. So I may add them in later.

Burt was good fun (the 3D model). Because you could add a lot of character. I've played around with a few more, like a sneek walk, and it's amazing how much a walk changes depending on how to animate the feet. Whether they are pointing down or up, and by how much, completely changes the walk.

Really good fun though, will have to see tomorrow if I actually got any of it right though.
Will upload me walking later.

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