Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just a quick one this.
To say that 2D walk was afwul. It looked ok last night but that's probably because I was tired. I saw it again today, and Andy was being very polite but It was appaling so I am re-doing it ontop of everything else. I've spent most of my spare time today drawing out 12 frames on scrap paper of a stick figure. Trying to get it to be ok.

Crucial things are, leaning forward. Almost ever single one of the poses are leaning quite a bit forward. I'm going to exaggerate this a lot because I actually drew the orginal leaning forward but it's so slight it doesnt show up on the video. So I think exageration is the key when drawing it, make it look over the top. I've also planned it a bit better so the arms don't confuse me, the head bobs are more extreme, and i've added 'floppy-feet'.

Hopefully this will be an improvement. But of course what I shall end up with is an over-exaggerated mental stick man but maybe that's a good thing...

More flamboyent anyway.

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