Friday, November 27, 2009

More walking.

Ok so I did my new walk. It's not great but its better and it will do. I've also just had a little play with some more walks that I've taken more time with. Including a run. I've also incorporated the Sketchbook project to try and get some character into them because I'm going to guess that my actual walks aren't going to be amazingly accurate. I've also cut them out because I'm already getting bored with just standard drawing on paper so I'm going to try something different. (well, different for me)

Although I was just mucking about for 20 minutes It actually looks quite fun. I like my rough cutting out. This is actually because I am very bad at cutting. As my mum will testify. It was not a conscious aesthetic decision. It was a if-I-go-too-close-to-his-arm-I'm-going-to-cut-it-off-and-have-to-draw-it-all-over-again...decision.

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