Sunday, April 25, 2010

Animal Firm

I'm going to try and do a sort of graphic novel/sin city style of drawing for this project. Where the only colour apart from black and white is red.This guy took me about 3 hours so far, still has 1 arm and 2 thighs to do. I've based the armour on a mix of the combines from Half Life 2 and the soldiers from Gears of War 2.

He's supposed to be a bird of prey and the Police characters. I've decided to make the police the enemy. A bit like the legendary corruption of the LAPD in the 20s and 30s. I mean think about it...the police have access to almost the best of everything, from how to find people to guns and cars. Well...maybe not cars.
This guy is based on Altair of Assassins creed. And I haven't decided if he is going to be a secret police...hit man or...just a character that remains unexplained but does things crucial to the plot. A bit like the Josh Hartnett character in Sin City. He is definatly going to be an eagle. But that'll be shown by designs on his cloak and garments. You'll notice I've "been inspired" with the hood from assassins creed.

The top picture is going to be the main protagonist. He's a pigeon. Not sure what his traits and such are yet. But that is just a rough drawing of him. Obviously inspired by Sin City. He's going to be a black Rock Pigeon (bassically like the ones you see in London) and called Luzon.

All the names I've got from species of the Pigeon family. For example, I chose Luzon from the species of ground Dove called Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeons. So I might do something with that.

Other names that I might call my characters;
The Bronzewings were a group of pigeons used in the war, called William of Orange, Paddy, GI Joe and Commando. So I might incorporate them as mercenaries or something.

All from the glories of wikipedia. =)

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