Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Drawing update.

The two new birds are called King and Repartee (sin city poster style - the two immediatly above this writing) Repartee (bottom) isn't finished yet obviously.

The one above King, is THE BAD GUYS! Talon Company. Either that or the Squabs. Not sure yet. They're paramiltary police with armour based on Gears of War and SAS/Police. That's just a crude outline at the minute.

The top three are intial concept sketches for What what what what what. You may be thinking, what? Which is good.

I quite like the running guy and the stage diver. The hospital looks a bit rubbish to be honest.

I'm really getting into this Sin City style though. I'm using a mix of pen, ink, watercolour and a dash of crayon and white chalk.

King and Repartee make up an 'old timer' gang of bird with Luzon. They may look past it, but they can kick ass as well as anyone.

Then after Talon Company / Squab Squad (I just thought of that...ha..ha...nah..) There will be one en masse gang of forgien birds that will be based on the nigerian/jamacian gangs I keep hearing about in London. With hoodies and knifes and all that lark. What a bunch of Jokers. But that's what my WOW art is going to be on. A flock of the forgien gang flying into Police territory.

I think I was going to call them the Birmingham Rollers.

I was thinking of calling the Luzon, King, Repartee trio, the Bronzewings...or maybe just leave them nameless. They're working for some secret boss though (maybe that cloaked dove fellow I drew earlier) and they're bassically playing a divide and conquor thing with the Police and the Birmingham Rollers.

And it's all set in a decaying London thats a bit like Children of Men.

Make sense?



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