Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As I was saying earlier.

Wednesday, wohoo free day. Why am I paying all this money for a free day...don't know, don't mind either. Mum if you're reading please don't call and nag me about missing something because I really haven't mmkay :-)


If anybody...is actually reading this, and into blues then listen to seasick steve. It's as you people say 'the s**t'.

On to buisness. Them thar drawings. I've been a bit of a blog perv and snooped around everyones (literally, I didn't miss anyones) blogs to see what everyone did for the background thing. Hugely dissapointed because most of you haven't actually uploaded anything. Although on the one hand it's kind of good because It means I don't have to get depressed over the superior work everybody did, but on the other I'd kind of liked to see what you all did. Nevermind.
Again if anybody is reading this, and if they're not I don't care anyway...well I do, a little bit. But, my favourite was Sians water blue thingy (http://blogologgie.blogspot.com/), because mainly I have no idea how it was done and I love the colour and sort of lack of classical composition. So I give it 4 thumbs up (out of 5) and my own personal Horray!!

Now to my own stuff,
The buildings one I nicked from Bernard Buffet, I actually just cobbled a load of london buildings I could remember off the top of my head and stuck them together, you might notice that the gerkin is on the left and st.pauls is on the right, well, a bit of its dome is. But I copied the straight black lines hopefully to give it a bit of an imposing and strong feel, it's not great but I think it looks quite solid.

The er, well it's supposed to be the inside of a spaceship (see earlier blogs, stolen from Halo partially) with the sun(s) glaring into it. I got that idea from the film Pitch Black where there is just that blinding light. I think I nailed the light bit, I have no idea if the shadows are correct but I don't really mind that they aren't I was going for affect. Artistic license gets you into every club. My interior is a bit dodgey can't really tell whats what, but I like it like that. Sometimes lack of clarity works, I'll let you decide if it has.

BLUE. I like blue. I worked for ages on this, over and over layers and layers. But that was the plan. I did drips, I did crayons (or art-wax-colour-sticks if you want to be grownup...pfft.) I did watercolour/wax resist, marker pen, normal pen, almost-run-out-of-ink pen, pencil, graphite, rubber, felt tip, brush tip, glue, spit, I even talked aggressivley at it. There would have been blood on it if my blood was blue. I think it looks quite cold, which is nice, it's supposed to be snow, and snow is blue no matter what anyone tells you, it just is. Take a look at a photo of snow and look real carefully. I think the mountains in the far distance are quite succseful. I tried to add a little detail into the abstracness to give a bit of something to look at. To me though the farthest plane isn't perhaps as deep as I want it to be. And by that I mean the mountains look too close.

I think I'd give myself a B in school grades.
If you want an excuse then I could argue I was busy with that godawful essay. But honestly I spent more time on this. Next time I shall do something more fantastical and splendid that really might take your breathe away, so look out asthmatics I'm going to try and draw something wonderful....

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