Thursday, February 4, 2010

few more things.

General thoughts; Concerning the essay assignment this week, I went to the library which is huge and has a million trillion books etc, the books relating to animation are about...3 in number. Which makes it hard to write about animation because a lot of the books I've been using have been written about live action film and cinema and then had to try and apply that to animation. Surely there is a niche here in which someone can make their fortune writing theory on animation.

Anyway heres some more stuff I've drawn the past couple of days for the backgrounds thing. Which by the way, should be great in CGI because you can just choose to listen to physics or not. Personally I might choose to ignore it, just because I can. I also like the fact that somewhere a science teacher will be really annoyed that the light i've created isn't what would really happen.

And yes one of the drawings has dead bodies hanging from trees, before you sent me off to a shrink, I just thought that road looked a bit like one the Romans would use to make an example of slaves.

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