Monday, February 22, 2010

Listen to the wise man, the Walrus said.

That's just something my art teacher used to say when he had an idea. Amazing.
I've had an idea or two that's been made from my thinky box between my lugholes. FIRSTLY!

The Virgin tv Ident. I've had several ideas. A lot of them involve a dragon with no tail.

This one idea just came to me, I woke up inexplicably at 4.32am on a saturday night, sat up and thought to myself...Ohhh I know I'll do this....wrote it down and went back to slumber. How odd is that? The Idea issss.....A wall painting animation. I've been playing around with this idea of a dinysaw (dinosaur, I CAN spell I just don't want to) or creature, coming over the hill, thud thud thud go the hills, and then he lobs the red room at the viewer. And that's it. It's an average idea. But it'd be better if I did it like Blu.

The most difficult thing will be finding a wall that someone will let me paint on. Because I'm not up for building my own wall.

The second is an idea of a sparrow I got whilst playig the guitar and thinking what to do next in Fallout 3, but the idea actually came from the intro movie on Fable II.

For the Storyboard.

I chose the pirates one. I shall say this simply now and forget about it, but this is probably the worst script I have ever read. Except for the other two that we could've chosen from. No matter.
Instead of just pirates I have ""been inspired"" by Futurama on this one. Robotpirates. Where the pirate playing the pipe IS a pipe, and the pirate playing the accordian IS an accordian. There's Cabinbot (a cabin boy) Cookbot (The cook) and others. I thought it'd be more fun this way. Also I can take the piss out of the stereotypical pirate that they've written about in the script. Yarr me hearties and all that nonsense. What I want to know is why Pirates are always Irish? They always say, so they did or so they do after everything which everyone knows is what Belfastians say. Like my dear old Dad. Anyway I shan't get into a history lesson or this shall turn into a rant.

Flash Lip Sync

For this I have had many ideas but have settled on a zombie and a worm for the caricatures. Other ideas included 2 doors, a book and a pencil, and a jazzman. In the section of the soundtrack that I've chosen, the girl alice is describing how you absorb stuff from books by breathing in and breathing out. And I don't know but the idea of a worm inflating itself and deflating itself talking to a zombie on how to use books for research amused my greatly so I'm going with that;

M: I, I'm really traditional like my... mine is that you do the research and you read and you read and you read until it's in your
head and then you can confidently know what you are talking about so then you can just kind of write stream of consciousness and then you can go back and work over it and support everything and say this came from here, you know and you've got all your quotes anyway, quotations, like have a little book of quotations with all your references so you don't lose them, you know I'm quite... I do it that way... [laugh]
A: One of the tutors said you suck it in and spit it out..

M: Yeah [laugh]

A: so you suck in... she was like sssssshhhh whhhhhoo [sucking/blowing sound] just you read everything and then you just go with
what you know, what you've learnt.

It'll be a bit creature comforts-ish.
For the CGI environments, well I'm sort of in denial about that one because it's going to be epically difficult. I am going to do the most simplist thing I can think of, like a corner of our kitchen because then there will be less to go wrongded.

Anyway that's all I got, thought Id just update this so everybody knows that I am actually having some ideas. This is supposed to be a brain journal after all I guess.

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