Friday, January 14, 2011

Adult Babies.

I have chosen the "Pre Production" project.

In this we have been given 4 cards. One is a Character, one is a TV Show style, one is an Artistic style and the other is a setting. Mine are;

Character; Babies
TV; Open University
Art Style; Watercolour
Setting New Town (e.g. Milton Keynes)

These can be interpreted anyway we like. So the first obvious idea is Professor/Student Babies. Which is, to me, boring. I did some mind maps and reading, and well Babies encompasses a lot of things; Humans and Animals infants, immaturity, pet name for a boy/girlfriend, an inanimate object that someone is fond of (i.e. That sports car is my 'baby) Or, as I recently found out, Paraphilic Infantism.

In other words, the sexual fetish known as Adult Baby.

I wish to stress at this point that I don't in anyway find this sexually attractive or a turn on so don't be sending me no huggies.
Also if you ARE an Adult Baby then don't feel ashamed, each to their own, it's a free country.

Anyway I did some reading on it and some themes are quite interesting;

Infantism is the desire to be young or a baby, they act and dress as such.
However it often gets confused with paedophilia which is obviously the desire to engage in sexual intercourse with pre-pubescent children.
As opposed to Infantism which is just the desire to act like a child.

Anyway I found this theme quite interesting.

Another one that peeked my interest was Mental Retardation (which is just the generalized name for mental disorders I'm assured so that shouldn't be offensive to anyone, and if it is then well sorry, but that's just what it's called).

This got me thinking to Forest Gump and Leonardo Di Caprio's character, Arnie, in What's Eating Gilbert's Grape? Because Mental Disorders are often mistaken for immaturity, such as Aspergers Syndrome because the sufferer, due to the condition, does not know how behave acceptably in a social and public environment.
The same is common with Down's Syndrome where the sufferer typically has an IQ of about 50, as opposed to the average of 90-100 for children of the same age.

Anyway then I thought why not combine the two? So here's one of my idea's anyway for the characters;

Amy; is a Paraphilic Infant or Adult Baby. She longs to be a child and refuses to grow up. Unfortunately for her, her sexual exploits have resulted in an unwanted child who further has 'a mental disorder' (not decided yet). She neglects the child and consistently takes preference to her sexual life.

Mike; Amy's son who suffers from a mental disorder. He is introvert, lonely, and due to Amy's neglect is leaving him to fend for himself. However due to his disorder he doesn't know any better and still has a love for life and the world despite spending all his time on his own.

So I thought the story would be a journey of self discovery for Amy.
I'm also toying with the idea of introducing a third main character. Which would be a baby Animal or Monster or Alien, that Mike discovers the creature and nurses it which in turn affects Amy and encourages her to grow up when she sees how Mike cares for the creature.

I haven't completely figured out how to encorperate the Open University yet, except in how Mike teaches the creature. (which is why is thinking of Aspergers syndrome because the sufferers tend to obsess about a particular subject)

Anyway so that's what I'm down to. I'm at the minute drawing a sexy Amy in nappies. I'll put the pictures up tomorrow probably.

Life drawing was good too, I'll put them up soon too.

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