Friday, January 28, 2011

Stage 1

I think the perspective could be more extreme in this one. Although it's almost mostly accurate to the original photograph, in Animation exaggeration is the name of the game. Most of the time anyway.
So I got assigned to Jacob's 'Inbetween: A Fable' which was what I was hoping after seeing his pitch back during last term. I have been given the job of apprentice background-er layout and design drawer man thingy. Basically, some settings and layouts. Using digital painting. One of my main focus's will be drawing a lot of architecture, mainly Gothic. Which is great because I used to a load at school, particularly looking at Bernard Buffet and Dennis Creffield. So I went forth to google images and dug up a few pictures of Gothic architecture to re-live the good old days and did a few doodle/sketches (above). I used to be quite good at, particularly cathedrals, I spent a lot of time drawing St.Pauls once for some reason. So hopefully I can get the skill back fairly sharpish. As you will see the above's aren't perfect so that shall be my endeavour.

I also got assigned to the project 1/3 but am yet to hear anything from the group leader.

Before and After - Just getting back into a bit of photoshop, working on this for one of my concept pieces. Maybe even a 'wow' art piece? Not sure yet see how it goes.
The before was all done by hand, using dip-pen and ink, watercolour, crayon art sticks (I say art sticks so I don't appear to be a complete child) and a bit of the old loathed biro and fine liners.

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