Sunday, January 16, 2011

Piccies! Yay! Life Drawing and Animals

So this is Amy, the Adult Baby. As you can see, she's quite sexy (well I tried to draw her sexy but there's no accounting for taste) apart from the whole, Diaper business. These are just a couple of first idea sketches, I'm going to colour them. I'm thinking she'll be an Innocent looking Princess type, but sort of like, a fallen princess.

The first character that I'm properly thinking about is "the creature" I'm trying to be quite systematic as research is heavily keyed into the brief. This little guy below is my favourite so far. I like his hair. (I took the hair idea and big eyes from teenage female Manga characters)

This is what a few pages of my book is looking like at the minute.

The great debate of making your creature walk erect, or on all 4's a chicken.

(I've gone for 4 legged, and also in the above picture I know his legs are wrong.) What I've been doing is looking at certain animals, both reptile and mammal and drawing them and trying to figure out where their leg power comes from, what their movement is like and so on just from the picture. I think this will help when designing the character because it will need to be obvious how it moves from visual description alone.

However I might experiment more with the classic two legged dragon body, with more human shaped arms, but huge thighs and feet, with a more upright torso and spine.

I've ruled out walking erect like a humanoid because I think it feels too human, and suggests too much intelligence, not that the creature is particularly dim I just want to give it a more pet and animal like quality and the first and most obvious way to do that is to make it walk and move like an animal.

As for the face I'm leaning towards either a dragon like character as seen directly above, or the Lion character with flopsy dopsy hair.

I quite like how the Komodo Dragon looks like a sloth in terms of speed, but is actually a very fast sprinter in the way it scurries. It's legs stick out and flail all over the place in a Bridget Jones manner but it seems to work for it.

For drawing it I tried employing some methods Kathy mentioned in life drawing, such as the hatching rather than line, for the form (see front foreground leg)

These are my Life Drawings from Thursday's session. (3 hours)

(this one above was 30 minutes)

For some poses I focused just on hands and arms because they interested me at that moment. Also the poses the model where making were very much about the arm and hand movement so I felt that captured the essence best. All of these were 2-5 minutes unless otherwise mentioned.

This one below was 20-30 minutes using watered down Ink and brown/red pastel.

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