Thursday, October 21, 2010

Experry MENTAL

The next page in the epic struggle between Manbotroboman and Shade and the Witch.

I did this for the house and if anyone wants it it's going for a million squids. Nah only kidding It's not for sale because it's so...good? Well it's okay. Better than looking at a blank wall right?

This is Peter.

And my map of things to come. The little squares are post-it notes. I'm en-visioning a round robbin of the post-it notes so that they're all moving.

I've had an idea. Unfortunately another group had the same idea. So I had another idea on top of that and whilst I was thinking of that Idea I had an Idea that stemmed from that Idea so I combined those two Ideas. Make sense? Good.

So my first idea involved photographing the sky approximately 30 times a day, or 5 times every 30 minutes for as long as I remembered. And then do something with seagulls on a moving sky. Sort of like a speeded up nature thing.

My second Idea involved drawing on post-it notes from remembering something I saw ages ago (It's a short film that's called Escape from Post-it Land but unfortunately it's not on you tube or anything)

Then whilst looking at that French animation (see older posts) and listening to the Vivaldi piece, I had a few other noggles (that's an "ohhh what If I do this..."). Anyway I did a bit of research on our pal Vivaldi and turns out he started off a renound wealthy composer and died a pauper after the death of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI of Austria. This is pretty much because Charles was Viv's number one fan and commissions from the King of the Habsburg Emperor certainly help pay the bills. Anyway point is the Habsburg Coat of Arms (Charles V Coat of Arms) is pretty neato to me. I was particularly drawn to the double headed Eagle which is a symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. Eagles were also a popular image of Napoleon France for anybody who cares to know. Annnnd combining that with my French Animation discovery that features that big black Raven/Unknown Bird I have arrived at my sketchy Double Headed spooky morphing bird.

I don't know what to call it really from a species point of view, so for this exercise I shall call it Peter.

So the grand plan is; To combine all of these things...

Basically Peter is on the post-it notes. He dances/flies/moves to the music behind a pixilation puppet (me or some "volunteer") who is pretty much clad in black but is recognizable as a composer. He slowly degrades and moves and responds to Peter's movements.

This is best explained by a picture. (up top of this post)
I want to explore light as well so I'm going to have to do this at night and I'm either going to use spot lights or tea candles.

So the experimental techniques I am using will be, Pixilation and slight silhouette animation and well I was going to put clay/plasticine in there somewhere because the composers face shall be melting, by using a mask with clay/plasticine running down it.

So there will be a lot going on and I probably haven't explained it greatly but It will all make sense once it starts coming together, it's a little easier to explain visually this idea.

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