Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Term, New Era...THE JEAN BEANIE ERA!

So just who IS this Jean Beanie? This Martyr? This saviour of pretty women? This do-er of good? This vanquisher of evil and humble hero of the streets?

Well he's just a baked bean. Did I say JUST a baked bean? I'm sorry, I meant that he is the Bean to save all Beans. This bean is not afraid of fork or spoon. He fights knives for fun! No this bean has bigger ideas, bigger dreams, higher aspirations! This Bean, the Jean-Beanie is going to take on the Humans themselves!

At least that's the dream. Right now he's just lifting a box up and down.

Pretty neat huh?
That's just the key frames. I've done two thirds of the inbetweens. But I won't really know how it looks until Monday morning. Hopefully I've nailed it, but in reality I've probably forgotten something vital, like drawing the box.

Oh and I haven't drawn his face because I figured it would be kind of easy to get away with facial expressions and gritting teeth and beads of sweat and closed eyes, so I've decided not to take any short cuts. Not to say that doing all that is a bad thing, I'm just trying to force myself to animate it properly before I add all that stuff in. Walk before you can run, at least for me.

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