Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Jean Beanie

Here he is, The Jean Beanie. I've drawn this in Flash. Hopefully (I think I remember Andy saying it was) I can use the model in Toon Boom or TVA. Anyway I'm pretty proud of him. That's a whole summers thinking right there.

Also my Experimental project is well on the way. I bought 2000 post-it notes for £5 the other day so now I've gotta get drawing. I only need 1400 so I can make a few errors.

First step is drawing the post-it animation and getting that to work. Then it's on to phase 2 of my mighty plan. I'm giving myself 2-3 weeks for this. So I have to draw about 200 post-its a day. It sounds like a lot but they're only little things and you can hold them in your hand and do it anywhere.

I'm hoping I can use the Jean Beanie for the 11 second club thing in November which is why I thought I'd get him out of the way now. I'll try animating him later or tomorrow and put that up too.

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