Monday, October 18, 2010

Walk and Lift

So here's a walk and lift.Lift is late (as in deadline) so very sorry about that, but it's there and at the wrong angle. Well not the wrong angle just a difficult one. I think he also doesn't stretch enough when he lifts the box up, but that can be amended with a couple of frames I think.

The plan with the walk was to make him walk across the screen but It's only a 6 drawing cycle and I looked at it and I would have had to draw those 6 frames about 12 times a nutshell I didn't.

I think I got his stomach bounce quite good and the legs but the arms aren't great and it's a still a little fast for what I was going for but it's a walk nonetheless.

I might try using Toon Boom or TVP for the lip sync task for next week. Mostly because it'd be good to try it out and its probably a little easier to do that on the computer than draw it by hand.

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