Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Idea I'm having for the 3rd year major project. It's about a Grenadier and a Voltigeur (see note) walking back from Moscow during Napoleon's Grande Armee retreat from Russia in 1812. Or, It might just be the Grenadier.

Grenadier (left - Red); Elite shock troops, Napoleon assigned the tallest and strongest and most imposing men into these regiments and dictated they all had to grow mustaches. These are the guys that usually wore the bearskins/ bonnet a poil (although they were officially replaced with Shakos in 1807 many still wore their bearskins anyway)

Voltigeur (right - yellow); Literal translation is 'Vaulter' because their first assignment was to vault onto horses and knock off the riders during a cavalry charge (it didn't work surprisingly). They were then turned into light skirmish type troops and Napoleon assigned the smallest and most agile men into these regiments.

Anyway from that they have a nice sort of character contrast, big and strong, small and agile. But really I was thinking it was just about 2 guys walking home, being very cold. It's a variation on an idea I had in my foundation year called 'Big' about a spaceman who walked around an empty planet. But I thought I needed a deeper idea than that so hence this.

The bad guys are the Cossacks which will be portrayed like the Vikings in the Film Pathfinder, or the Samurai Cavalry in The Last Samurai. And the film would be about their slowly building bond between the Grenadier and the Voltigeur whilst tackling the extreme weather and the Cossacks. I might feature in a slowly declining Napoleon appearing in visions. Not sure. Anyways. I'm just messing about with it all.

I haven't finished this.
Or this.

Comic based on my two dogs. I'm gonna do this to keep up my illustration.

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