Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potential Summer Work.

So there's a possibility I may be doing all the artwork for a graphic novel called 'Displaced' which I saw advertised outside the Animation Studio about a month ago. The original artist has dropped out so I'm hoping I'm the next top choice or at least top 10 and beat the other 9.

Anyway so I had to do some 'test' pages. These aren't sequential, they're page 11, 26 and 41.
There's quite a few things I'd change on these if I was doing it for real, like giving the Jeep a Door, and changing a few angles of the women in the last 2 pages.

I've also only had brief character descriptions to work from, no designs and I've basically been given 2-3 days to do these so that's why the characters look very generic. That's also why there's no colour and no real art style. But it's not needed at this stage, as per the brief anyway.

The below one is more accurate to the script as it calls for a closeup of the gun. In the next page he is shooting a few people so I also drew the above as a suggestion that it might be a little more interesting (it was to draw anyway), but they both could work.

Might help if I drew the gun at the right scale though; the barrel is looking a bit short.

It's actually really good fun. And a bit odd because your drawing a lot of different things that you maybe take for granted. I'll give you an example. Draw a TV remote now without going and looking at one first. Then go and look it and I bet you've drawn it wrong. Same with a sofa. Even just these 3 pages I had to go out and look at Jeeps, Car Wheels, Caterpillar boots, IV Bags, Hospital Beds, TV remote, Sofa, Coffee Table, Lamp shades, and well, obviously guns - I'm not much of an arms dealer. Scarily though I stumbled on a site where you can buy parts and build your own Steyr AUG (an Austrian assault rifle apparently)...thankfully I don't think they were selling the bullets.

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  1. Aah good job, I really think your style suit's the comic book format. The messyness compounded in nice neat edges, looks good.