Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh my gosh - super progress.

Here's what I started with for this one, pen and ink wash with a bit of very very thin blue watercolour.

This be the bad guy - Romo the Prison Warden. I drew most of this by hand, then in photoshop just basically using the black fill tool and masks.

I made my own brushes for this from grass and wheat pictures.

This is what I started with, just biro and a dash of watercolour:

More Updates. Done these in the last 2 hours. Because it's sunny, so I sat outside. And now I don't look like a pasty animator any more! horray!

Yes I can do photoshop masks! This is probably far too distracting and should just be blank white. I might water colour her too, rather than digital colour.

I re-did Commander Mustard. Much happier with him now. I can leave all the drawing and such alone for the pitch project now. It doesn't have to be amazing, but I'm happy that it's not pants.

(just realized I accidently swapped the mustaches on Hans und Schmidt...oh well.)

We've gone all out on the rudeness. You'll have to wait and see for that though. (i'll put it up after we've done our final pitch in case anyone is reading this now - no spoilers!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So its 23:50 and I've finished for the day having started just after 9. I took a half hour for lunch, and an hour to eat my dinner whilst watching the apprentice but my GOSH busy day. Lots done though so its good.

The above image has taken me the last 3 or so hours. It's complied of previous images and newly drawn ones. I'm not happy with Commander Mustard (name changed 'cause there may be a copyright with Cluedo, similarly Uber Pea is now Ultimate Pea due to this, better safe than sorry) he needs to POW! WOW! IN YOUR FACE KAPOW! And he's a bit shite (especially the beret), but that's to be expected this late in the evening. So I shall revisit it tomorrow! The rest of it I like.

Alice or Insa...or both are coming up with a super duper font so that'll change. Also there is a tagline to come but for now this is one 'wow' image. Alice is doing another wow/concept image. So that, this and the lineup should suffice as 'selling images' for our pitch. Because it's only 5 minutes, less is more. As long as the less is kick ass.

Also the characters are getting their own personal taglines (it helps get across the feel of the show) - like this;


So if you'd told me I could do this, 3 weeks ago, I would have laughed in your stupid optimistic face.

Although, I wouldn't because I'm not that mean.

But still. A lot better than two squashed sausages innit?

This isn't me finished, I was just mucking around in Maya. Because tomorrow every one is in to help and I'm a bit stuck right now and tired and need to get on with other things.

I've tracked the movement of the puppet head, which is just time consuming but kinda theraputic (in a carpal tunnel sort of way) so I think that's Stage One Complete!

Also my muzzle fits the puppets face like...a face glove. So, score. Well it does from my cleverly placed angles anyway. I've got 7 days to merge the two sequences which is entairly dooable. I've pretty much spent the whole day learning Autodesk Match Mover (even if that was somehow a waste of time it's still a useful software to know the basics of since you can motion track live action)

I like Match Mover it makes me laugh, I can imagine it being like a worried little child. I've been doing what the help pdf. called "supervised tracking". So you put your key points in then press 'autotrack'. When it comes up with a red bit (red = bad, yellow =ok green = good) It's like it knows it hasn't done a good job, and I just imagine it being all apologetic....and that makes me giggle to myself.

This is how I amuse myself now.

So yes, enjoy this if you like but ignore it because it's not getting submitted or anything like that.
(it's also just the playblast)

Here's the original footage. With dots. Super Duper Dots.

I was basically just doing random movements, getting it to move in all directions, fast and slow. Because it's just a head on a wire stick essentially, and shot on an overhead rostrum, it's a little difficult to do any real animation. I'm also not getting marked on my animation skills for this so it's not strictly important. I'm just moving a stopmotion puppet, and matching that movement with a 3d model.

And yes it'd be much easier to have had it going in on perspective slowly from left to right but where is the challenge in that?

Remember my Dad quoting this scene, thought I'd use it for my animation technologies essay about computer mice. It's Scottie from star trek having gone back in time, trying to use a 1970/80s computer....Hello? Computer?

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