Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pitcho Projecto.

Colonel Mustard has a catchpharse...

Another pitch project update! (yes i am still doing my negotiated brief, I've done my turnaround and puppet design which means all the drawing is out the way it's all practical stuff now and I'm on schedule!)

Greg, the Persecuted Garlic - Greg is horrified at the torture techniques used on garlic; crushing, chopping, peeling...frying...all the while having his limbs ripped out of him. :(

Well Howdy There! It's Old Man Bread!

The Kitchen's most notorious Super Villain and Super Hero, Ultra Carrot and Uber Pea don't go together like Carrots and Peas, in fact they fight the endless battle between good and evil! With plenty of collateral damage, wailing damsels and endless cheesy one-liners.

Yes the Herbals have a rival. It's Baked Bean Bowie, also known as the Jean Beanie.

(click on this and it'll get bigger so you can read it - because it's wider than a Wootton Bassett Wobbler)

Update. More characters and lineup, got into it a bit, couldn't sleep

On the lineup - might give them their individual type faces, see what it looks like.
I think it's going well! It's fairly easy to get them coloured once I've drawn them. I just hope they're okay. The purpose of this project though is the pitch technique rather than the design or the concept (although it obviously helps to have a decent and well presented concept) so It's quite nice not having to worry about being intricate and delicate and precise I can more or less bash these out, using lots of colour to get something eye grabbing and easy to consume.

Colonel Mustard is still my favourite, I think its the aviator's that do it for me. I also like
Rice-Man. The Teafather needs a lot of work, it's not how I want him at all. I've still got Gregg the persecuted Garlic and Old Man Bread to colour in. Then after that comes Uber Pea and Ultra Carrot and that should pretty much do it from my end. I like seeing what Alice comes up with, and Emilys plots as mentioned are great. It's quite a nice change of pace from the Negotiated Project which is very much uncharted water for me. I feel like my design has improved a little bit too - I've been a bit more instinctive which is when I think I produce my best stuff.

Olly Oil.

Vinny G (Vinegar)

The Jamlets - Jim, Jim and Jimmy.

Milky Joe.

These are Alice's Herbals. Aren't they marvelous?

Listening to Eminem and drawing the Chav Spray Oil, so I came out with this for some reason.

It's a cool video anyway, Enjoy it! If you're eagle eyed you can see where I got the pose from.


By the way, Emily has come up with some kickass stories for them. Made me giggle my tits off. If you whilst looking at the pictures, and reading the stories, give the characters voices and say them out loud I guarantee you'll have a little chuckle.

Majesto is a bit odd. Eccentric. And obsessed with the number 57. According to wikipedia anyway, apparently theres a number 57 on the sweet spot of a ketchup bottle to make it come out easier, also there are 57 variants of heinz ketchup.

The Tea Father - given to Alice to colour, I think the character itself needs more work on my part anyway.

These guys need names. Chocolate isn't black by the way.
Name suggestions?

Updated - Thought of names these 2 chaps are now 'Chocolate Bob' and 'Rice-Man'

They looked German to me...don't ask why.

Wayne (as in Rooney) Spray Can Virgin Oil.

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