Monday, May 16, 2011

CGI Mouth

Update - 9.20pm

Enough of 3D mouths for today I think.

From the side it looks more like a finger. The side view is proving particularly difficult to accomplish.

Probably the best angle. I added teeth! look! wow!

I think I need Georg's help to stop it looking like two plasticine sausages stuck together. :/

It's only taking me an hour now to get a recognizable generic mouth shape (thanks to Ryan :D)

It's a really challenging way of thinking because I've always been drawing 2D (on exercise that has helped with this is in life drawing when we draw the model using 3D shapes or as if she was made out of lego) but it's not so bad because in Maya you can isolate your viewpoint to the top, front or side. I'm just finding the side view, and therefore the extremities of the front view hard to re-create in Maya.

So if you see this image here which I've cropped, the rest of the mouth (besides the upper lip being different sizes at each end...) isn't too bad. So tomorrow I shall master the side view!

Oh and yes, I found the 'merge objects' tool. Good old random clicking.

(1st post - 7pm)

From this angle it looks more like a lips sofa.

So this was about 2 hours and I started with a cube this time. Ryan helped me and gave me a few pointers and it's defiantly made things easier.

So this is the pattern without the smoothness on which looks weird.

Obviously needs more definition and work but this is just a progress thing. At least they look like lips now right?

Anyway, not completely awful despite a year's absence from Maya? I'm getting there.

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