Saturday, May 7, 2011

Almost as good as Henry Kissinger

So I've somehow managed to talk myself into doing some 3D work.
It's not a bad thing, I just didn't think I could do it, or even do it in the 5 weeks, but apparently I can even though all I know on Maya is that "S" is save frame.

So here's the deal. Remember those short films by Carlos Lascano and The Owls (light at the end of the world)? If not they're about 2 blog posts ago. Anyway, they used a multitude of techniques, mainly incorporating pixilation and 3D elements. So what I'm doing is instead mixing stop motion puppets and 3D. Depending on how (if) fast I pick it up, I shall make things like, clothing, hands, feet, eyes, in 3D (I don't know which because I don't know how hard it is to do any of this or what I'll be able to do) and then create an actual model out of clay or something.

So what I shall make is something like this;

But instead leave whatever it is I'm 3D'ing (e.g. hands) out of the model or make them removable or something.
Then from combining those two things I'll make a character turnaround, and that'll be my project.
To go alongside this, (I'll have to talk in my next tutorial to see what's realistic, but no point not pushing myself is there) I'm going to be doing technical turnaround drawings, character designs and all that. But the main project is to develop in combining 3D and stop-motion.

What I want to do out of this is make a proper anamatronic puppet, and then combine that with 3D but with 5 weeks there's not enough time so clay is the answer to practice with. I'll make the puppet over the summer to use in my 3rd year film.

Fun stuff.
I've been doodling some concept things and whatnot, trying to figure out a nice composition and get a feel for what I want it to look like, this'll be ongoing. Neither of these work yet, I did this first one pretty much all in biro, then ink wash. And yes I stole the pumpkin head scarecrow sort of. Could be more movement in it and I fluffled up some of the foreshortening
and the angle is a bit weird for my liking.

I made it slightly darker in photoshop because I didn't scan it in and the light in my room is a sort of orange because I have those rubbish energy saving bulbs. I don't like the sky, I normally get the skies how I like them but I couldn't find the right royal blue mix this time. I'm unsure about the crowd, I dunno they just But I do like the hill with the windmill in, I think I'll keep that. I think maybe I'll do the sky in photoshop as I was aiming for a flatter and distant colour, it seems too in-your-face.

Anyway there's things to take from both of these so I'll do another couple tomorrow (I'll aim to do about 2 a day until I get one bang on the money composition wise and then re-do it until it's perfect all over) and as I said this is just for me it's not strictly part of the negotiation project.

Peace. next cheese webcomic tomorrow - the continuation of the 'walk' story arc. be excited!

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