Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Idea!

Yes! I've had another idea for a film. This one is better I think. Hopefully, otherwise what's the point? Basically I was thinking as I saw the new Drama Series "Exile" being advertised on the BBC (another churned out Drama about a son looking for Fatherly love as far as I can tell) Why are these things always about son's and fathers? Then I thought, nobody's made a film about a man going to prison and told it from the parent's point of view. I've read a few books that have that sort of story but they're always middle class crimes, for example one was the girl got incarcerated for 3 years in the USA for some long dis-jointed fake painting scam that she wasn't aware she was participating in. No I thought, we need to be more down to Earth and realistic. So;
Imagine you're a Mum right, you have a son your only son, your pride and joy in the whole world. One day your Son is found guilty of some awful crime like murder or something. What is you the mother's life like now?

We never see these people on the News, when there's a murder and they interview the victims parents, friends and family...we never see the criminal's family or anything.

So this is a story told from the Mother's point of view. I've also noted, along my travels through life that people are willing to say almost anything behind about someone they don't like behind their back and that people get very aggressive in groups (Mob Mentality I guess). Also, having been to a Private School and grown up in a predominantly 'White' environment I have noted a lot of casual racism. So I thought for this I could incorporate some of that in, and generally give poor Mrs.Mum (no I haven't named her yet....did you guess?) a hard time - but she's strong willed and goes and gets her son back!

I don't know what it's like obviously but I imagine it sucks to hell, to put it modestly, because not only would you have to find a way still love your Son despite his crimes, or even dis-own him, but you'd have to deal with the mob and people that think they can say anything to you.

I did a few character designs today, very rough, and liked this one the best. Looking at her now I think she'd actually make quite a good stop motion puppet maybe?

Anyways I think I'm in a good position for my Negotiated Brief. I think I may stick with this idea as there's a few things I can put myself into (being bullied for example - sort of similar to being hated because your son murdered someone? Obviously less extreme but the same principles) and I may have a go at making a stop motion puppet of the woman.

So if you were wondering, when I do photoshop this is pretty much how I start, I draw a base by hand using pens, pencils and watercolours's better this way.

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