Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So if I remind you what she sort of looks like. You can see where I'm going with this model?

The side is still the trickiest part.
Don't regard this model as finished this is 2-3 hours getting started. I'm going to have to put up all my lips and jaws drawings at some point too.

You may be thinking, 2-3 hours? That's all you do? Well no, I've spent about 6-7 hours line cleaning on TVP for Jacob's Inbetween A Fable (only a second of animation with 2 characters but it took foreverrrrrr) Then I've been writing that dissertation proposal, practice modelling in Maya...seminars...anyway it all adds up. I've been working 6-9 hour days. No less that 6 at the minute.

Anyway new skill today re-learned/learned = Edge looping. Makes things much easier.

Started off with a 5(width)x5(height)x2(depth) cube on this too.

This was practice/mucking around/ trying things out before I got started on the real thing (Above) Kinda looks like Batman's jaw to me? or An Avenger? Purely accidental. Anyway see, I've come a long way in 2 days!

This was my lovely nice computer desk (my laptop is now assigned to the bed which isn't all bad) covered in new materials to get going with stuff. The only thing I need now is random implements and tools (like cocktail sticks...pointy things, sculpting tools etc) and a stand to put my maquette on. So here you see Das modeling clay (air drying) and balsa wood and a latex head.

I'm going to be using the latex head for practice stop motion-ing, and making a blank head shape from balsa wood to map my 3d model onto.

So through this hole goes this;

It can't be done you say? Well, it can I'm assured with a lot of huffing and puffing. The green thing is basically a housing for the eyes, and provides structure for the face so that when you grab it to animate it, you've got something solid to hold. It's made from something similar to super sculpti (can't remember the exact name, I wrote it down somewhere...maxi?) that's soft when you mold it then you bake it in the oven and it goes hard.

So this is the latex head that I'm borrowing from Ann. It's made from a mold and I'm going to be using it to animate with.

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