Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So here is pretty much what I'm going to pitch for out Negotiated project, that I want to do. My concept is a story focusing on a mother who's only son has just gone to jail for some unspeakable crime it follows her though dealing with it. Since 4-5 weeks isn't enough time to really nail a decent storyboard and script for me (I'd rather do it over the summer in a more relaxed environment and it's something I feel comfortable in I'd rather use this to get outside of my comfort zone) I'm going to propose that I do 1 or more (depending on what the teaching staff suggest) solid character designs and make a workable stop motion puppet from that. It may not sound like a lot but I'm going to set the bar high for myself and make it darned near as professional as I can.

Because last term I felt I couldn't focus down on any one thing since we had 4 projects on the go, so everything I did felt a bit rushed, and looked a bit like I was trying to do 4 things at once.

But this term although the time is shorter, there's really only this project, another one and a dissertation proposal so it's a much better opportunity to focus down, no excuses and create something that has a real 'wow' to it. So I'm going to do a;

Kick-ass character design,
a kick-ass stop-motion model
and one super duper kick-ass concept piece that'll make your pants tingle.

Why stop-motion? Because basically you can use (see Carlos Lascano on the link below) all manner of techniques, mixing 3D and 2D and stop motion (and other techniques such as pixelation) all together. Also I've not done it properly before and I like how it looks, so why not?

Anyhow, here's a cool guy called Carlos Lascano from Spain who I found through Vimeo his stuff is wicked check it out here

Obviously this being just the pitch process and a raw 2 day old idea, all I've got is a few sketches and some research (this isn't all of it because it'd take days to upload every image and video I've looked at) so here's a sample so you can see what I mean and where I'm going.

Also at the top if you didn't know is a still from a piece by the Brothers Quay.

This is one of Carlos's concept pieces;

Nightmare before Christmas.

Corey Taylor from Slipknot wearing his "Great Big Mouth" Mask from the All Hope is Gone album - I just like the featureless-ness of it.

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