Friday, May 27, 2011

Negotiated Brief, Pitch Project and Life Drawing.

So firstly a quick update on Inbetween: A Fable (which has been handed in now)
Remember all those layout drawings I did? Like these;

Well this is what Kat has done with them? Aren't they cool?!

I think's they're wickedeo.

First order of business - MUZZLE TIME.

Ignore that grey splodge, issues with photoshop over that one, it doesn't matter though, you can see without any adjustments my muzzle more or less fits onto the puppet head. With a few tweaks I should be able to seamlessly merge the two together so you won't notice. Except for the stark colour difference obviously.

I'm getting going on the Maquette. Her head is about the size of one those mini footballs (slightly larger than a fat tennis ball). And I'm only doing the bust because that's the area I'm working, so there's no point doing a body just yet.

Also the retort stands turned out to be sold in separate bits, the rod costing about £6 and the base £18 and then the clamp and rod about another £15-20 so I've said sods to that I'll make my own over the summer.

This is about 2 and half hours. I know she looks like she's about to be scalped but I was bringing her forehead forward. I'm going to use beads for the eyes too so she doesn't look like a shrunken head because it's a bit frightening right now.

My primary school art teacher Mr.Webb might be proud I still can do clay sort of.


So we've come up with an idea. Well Emily did really. But we've all expanded on it.

Toy Story but with Food.
And rude.

Two rival kitchen cupboard societies and lots of melodrama.
The fridge/freezer serves as a banishment environment where Food goes in and stays foreeveerrrrr

So Alice and I are on character duty, which means I can doodle and make myself giggle. It's fun to give food personalities.

These are 'Jamlets' (mini pots of Jam)

So here are some I've come up with.
From left to right;
The Teafather (east London type gangster, Del Boy meets Marlon Brando) he used to be a hippy berry teabag in a band called 'the Herbals' - a creation of Alice's (not sure if they're on her blog yet)

Colonel Mustard as a tribute to Cluedo. I modeled him a bit on Sergeant Major Plumley from We Were Soldiers, and then gave him aviators. He's a bad ass.

Vinny G - Vinegar, part of the melodramatic Vinegar love triangle involving White Wine Vinegar (the saucy cougar), Balsamic Vinegar (the wife stealer) and their child, Vinaigrette.

King Ketchup - the incompetent leader maybe a bit like Douglas from the IT Crowd?

Milky Joe (Might Boosh Reference) - lives in the fridge, king of the fridge? All the characters in the fridge have beards or stubble from being castaways.

Old Man Bread - talks with a crazy southern American accent. His life is an endless cycle. Whilst he is fresh bread he is inanimate, he only becomes animated when he's moldy and turns into a crazy harmonica playing hillbilly.

Olly Oil - always surprised going Oh?!

Military ensemble? Colonel Mustard, General Branston (pickle) and Sergeant Pepper. IT HAD TO BE DONE. :P

Sergeant Pepper looks more like fireman pepper I know, it's supposed to be one of those Marine Drill Sergeant Hats worn by the greatest Sergent ever to live. And that's his pepper stem popping out the top by the way.

Here you see the Vinegar love triangle, the vicious struggle between Uber Pea and Ultra Carrot (the kitchen super heroes) and the Teafather.

Olly Oil, Gregg the Mutilated Garlic (he will be appearing in a different lineup than above), Teafather as a car salesman? Milky Joe, Old Man Bread and the Ketchup King.

An old line up.
Salt and Pepper will feature soon although they are alice's creation.


although these were quickies, I quite like the poses, I shall use them, I think I nailed the balance pretty much. I liked the models shoulder movements.

Her face went wrong so I made her the Joker. You can read meaning into it if you want (any bored art critics reading?) but there really isn't any. I had black charcoal, white chalk and red chalk...

This was 30 minutes, exaggerated the scale and the forshortening. Maybe left knee needs more definition, it didn't come out well in the reproduction (you can see better in real)

Another 25-30 minutes. Heads a bit too big looking at it now. Although I did measure it, I suppose I did my measurements wrong, or should have gone to hell with it and drawn it smaller anyway.

It won't let me drag this to the top.
Here's a short 6 second test for the head.
This was done on a rostrum rather than a stage. If I get to use the stage I'll stick it in a block of balsa wood as a torso analogue rather than have it just on the wire.

So now I know it moves. Horray. Next stage is to put a non-reflective surface over the muzzle and prepare it for motion tracking.

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