Monday, May 9, 2011

This this or this?

I dunno. They all work in their own little ways. I don't really want to go with the big-ass moon because it's sooooo Nightmare Before Christmas. My favourite is the middle one at the minute, but I wanted to do a wonky crescent moon (which would work better if I drew it better, which I shall but not right now 'cause it's night night time)

I've not finished with the lighting on it.
What is it I hear you ask? (If you didn't were thinking it.) Well, it's where the Mother lives. Because when you're hounded day and night by people telling you what a bad boy your son is for being a murderer I think you'd want some peace and quiet to sit and mull things over (to say the least) so she's gone to a windmill...because I like windmills ok?...on top of a very high rocky...thing.

Anyways, might stylize the clouds. Composition is better, nay? Although there's not a lot of actual composition going on granted..but...shush.

Stay tuned!

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