Friday, May 13, 2011

Rockin' Oot.

So here's the plan with the negotiated project;

I'm going to model a mouth in maya.
Then I'm going to animate a stop-motion puppet (using a ready made one in storage due to time constraints because there's not enough time to learn to build an armature AND learn how to 3d model in 4 weeks).
Then I'm going to converge the two into a 10 second piece that's a practice of the technology.
I will however provide armature and puppet designs for my own character.

This is waaaay outside my comfort zone. And I've never done any of it before, except a tiny bit of modelling in the 1st year, and I've animated plasticine before a couple of times but not a real puppet.

Alongside that I'm making a clay maquette of the character I already have. Then using the pitch project, which runs parallel to this, to pitch "the monster's mother" concept (which is what I've named my idea).

So the first two jobs are to actually buy some clay, and get stuck in with Maya. There's lots of people willing to help which is great 'cause I'm a total noob at it.

I figured my first step with the modelling would actually be to do it with clay or plasticine to get a whole feel for the 3D-ness but there really is no time to waste so that's not going to be a days fiddling.

In case you WERE by any chance thinking this course is a fob off drawing exercise, well no because not only do I have to do all of the above, I've got to write a thing about wacom tablets (the past the present the future of technology related to animation) and do a dissertation proposal, AND do some line cleaning for Inbetween: A Fable (this is optional but I'm not one to quit on a project just because it's optional)....ah you think that's it don't you? NO! I'm also going to be teaching animation basics, and a sort of wow! come and do animation! type seminar to some kids aged 14-18 from Truro Youth Centre with 4 other guys. So I've done a lesson plan and organizing equipment for that. ...


This is sufficient to explain why I'm unemployed and single yes? :D

I'm actually excited , I like being busy. I'll try and get weekly blogging in. Maybe even twice weekly.

On another note 'Cheese' is rising in popularity. I now have 3 avid readers (4 if you count my mum but I'm sure she just does it for moral support :P) . Horray!

Anyways so if you were confused the clay maquette will be of this character;

She can look kinda scary, I've got plenty of time to debate the zombie/non zombie look of this character. (the whole summer in fact)

We did an exercise like this in life drawing with the model using a broom taking up different positions every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes.

So she's not all doom and gloom is our mother 'cause mum's still have fun.

Just some doodles of potential other characters but as I haven't worked out a coherent story yet these really are just doodles that I can come back to.

I think this is probably my best yet. I exaggerated the right shoulder a bit. I did manage to get her toes in (just) but I've cropped it badly here.

Yeah I went to that Kurt Jackson exhibition...can you tell?

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