Monday, May 23, 2011


These are my working drawings. I'm going to colour them and make them look pretty but it's my main point of reference at the minute for the 3D modelling.

I've got the 3D model pretty much to where I want it for now.
Tomorrow I'm going to continue and get a good chunk of my maquette done, and colour these and make them pretty as well as useful.

Turnaround - getting better but the legs and hips still need some thought as well as what the hair looks like from the side view.

So as you can see I've added the nose and extended the Jaw to the Muzzle of the face.

Yes the chin looks weird from the side - I'm working on it. I'm following my drawings but It all slightly changes when you get to 3D which is why I really hope to be getting well long with my maquette tomorrow because I'll have more time in the afternoon/evening.

So from the side the shapes around the mouth are all wrong but as I said I'm going to revisit after I've at least made a maquette of the head.

My next step is to import a picture of the puppet head and model it around that, to make sure I'm not obscuring the eyes. This is why for the mean time the nose is sticking up on it's own.

I also haven't modeled the nose fully, as you notice it's without nostrils.

I'm still reducing the amount of vertex's and edges but I think it's as low as it can go now as pretty much every edge and vertex is creating a shape or gradient along the model.

You can also see I've now got a nice smooth line all around the mouth and the nose.

The part between the nose and the upper-lip still needs work, that extra line is in there to create the little dimple (I've forgotten it's proper name) that runs from your lip to under your nostrils.

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