Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting there

So my first shot at doing a mouth. This is 4 hours spent on Saturday before I got booted out of the studio at 5. Bare in mind that I haven't touched Maya since the first year (which is almost exactly a year ago) and that I haven't really modeled anything as complicated as a mouth. Which is why if you notice on the left side some of my edges and vectors have gotten crossed. So I may have to start again from scratch but to get back to this point won't take me very long. The first problem that's arisen that I can see is the inside of the mouth, with the teeth and tongue and things...what do I do in there? I'm a noob at Maya but I think you can add in polygons and surfaces and link it all together? I don't know?

Anyway as suggested by Laurence I started off with a sphere and after a while it did make sense as to why. Anyway its recognizable as a mouth sort of? And the first year stuff trickled back to me. After this I'll have to get to grips again with Blinn and Lambets and colouring and all the malarcky. I expect solid progress this week though! My Laptop also seems to cope well with Maya (you can download it and use it for free if you're a student here) so I can work on it after hours too. Also by the end of this week I shall have a maquette done, or at least a rough version of one.

Ohhh graphic. I like this font (perhaps needs to be bigger though?). Placement of it maybe needs playing with though. Should I add in features? I quite like it this binary.

Windmill possibly needs more definition.

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