Sunday, May 1, 2011

Film Poster - Day 1

So here's a poster I've been mucking around with for an Idea I had from over the Summer and going back to Cardiff; There's to people with super powers, a green creature (I don't know what he is) called "52" because he comes from Area 52 (for the Stargate SG-1 fan and conspiracy theorist site -good fun- click here) and a man who's somewhere between being dead and invisible called "Ghost".
Then there is Bot. He's not called Bot but I can't think of another name for now. He used to be a human. The story is loosely based on the Twelve Labours of Heracles (This is the correct Greek spelling pronounced 'Hera' - 'Cleez', The Roman spelling is Hercules) in which the demigod Heracles is driven mad by the Goddess Hera and slays his own children, he is then made to repent and carry out 10 labours (2 were disputed so he had to do 2 more to satisfy Eurytheus) designed by his archenemy a nutshell anyway.
In this world all the people fake tanned, blonde and plugged into Ipods or Ipads or whatever they are all the time. Nobody speaks to each other except via email and text (because this is what Cardiff is like mostly)
Bot is an old man, and mad with dementia but aggressive too. He kills some of the young people in a fit of rage. He's then forcedly downloaded and turned into a Robot (sort of like Astro Boy but not) which has powers like super speed and light things like Ironman that shoot from his hands, I don't know what they're called, lightsabre hands? Anyway being human, albeit a pensioner human his mind has other ideas and he decides he much prefers being a bad guy.

Especially when he meets 52 and Ghost who are basically superhero criminals and being chased by the 'suits' (a vague law agency maybe like the old Pinkerton's), for lack of a better name. They are tired of the world and it's ways and don't see any reason to use their powers for good and they live a life of 'whateverthehellIfeellikedoingrightnow'. Together all 3 form a sort of superhero criminal enterprise and are hunted by the *random law agency that I haven't named yet*.

The story focus's on Bot who doesn't really remember what he's doing half the time, in fits and rages, and develops a sort of schizophrenia between trying to repent and finish his labours and being a villain.

I need to work on the concept and think so more but that's pretty much it. I might change a few things, or all of it, I want it to be a superhero story but told in a different way

Anyway so this poster thing took me a good 5-6 hours. I'm not going to use it in an assignment because I pretty much stole the composition from Watchmen and I want to do something original obviously. This is just to practice some techniques, see what works and what doesn't whilst I come up with my own composition. So here it is broken up into the layers.

At the top are the finished ones with rain and without. It's weird how much rain adds to it, I guess the vertical lines are pleasing to the eye or something but it actually adds a lot more movement and interest to the picture than I thought it would. I think it's a pretty good effort and I feel my photoshop confidence growing with every flick of my graphics tablet pen.

Rain unt Sky.

Just rain, I kind of like this - eerie.

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