Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just thinking ahead to the 3rd year major project - who the antagonist could be? I was thinking I could make it so that the prisoners are literally monsters and that the town has a sort of Night Watch or Monster Watch or Witch Hunters or something like that. The story still focus's on the Mother, but you still need some kind of bad guy I think.

So... old wiry man with gas lamp (yeah that's what that's supposed to be - it's clearer when it's vertical) stick?

I might call him Romo. After the Irish Lawyer in Battlestar Galactica. Not Tony Romo, he's too much of a softy.

Our life model is pregnant! Gosh. Admirable that she still models.

So I've been doodling some ideas for the Pitch Project. I need a new special doodle book too *mental note*

One was actually Emily's Idea that I doodled too...?
The Foodal system! Basically Toy Story but with Condiments.
Except that it's going to be (after having them in on Monday) McLeod Brothers type rudeness, so they say bastard and bitch and stuff.

So we, immediately rattle off some potential characters. My favourite is Gregg The Garlic who only has one clove left and to him having his cloves taken is like forced amputation and torture, which is why he is sad. Then there's others like the twins Salt and Pepper. The Moronic leader - King Ketchup. The ex-hippy turned Del Boy type dealer, Terry Teabag (he used to be in a flower power band with aroma teas called 'the Herbals'), then there's moldy bread (which could be like Kenny in South Park and have a recurring death thing as the Bread is replaced and molds again)

This was one of mine, basically a Woman who collects Postmen instead of stamps.
It stemmed from the Monty Python Milkman Sketch.
The main thinking was we could hand out concept art in envelopes and have a whole postman persona going.

The other thought was an idea I had back in school which I call Like Peas and Carrots.
Vegetable super heroes Uber Pea and Ultra Carrot battle it out. Uber Pea has a sidekick called Lightning Raddish Boy.
It came from the saying "they go together like peas and carrots" so I thought, well what if Peas and Carrots didn't get on? Give them capes and masks and voila.

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