Saturday, June 18, 2011

Style Change.

Better? Worse? who knows. Obviously someone else does the lettering and speech bubbles.

I've switched to almost 60% brush now. I'm using ink fine liners (0.05-0.2 mm), a dip pen (old school!) and brushes. Even with a fairly thick brush just by angling your wrist you can get a huge variant of line. Except for the very thin hatches, the girls faces and the gun, and the obviously ruled lines, it was all drawn with a brush. I was quite surprised.

Anyway I hope they're pleasing and get me the job.

Untitled from Patrick Meharg on Vimeo.

So I had to put this on vimeo because Blogger video upload is crashing. Any how. It was widescreen format but it's gone square for some reason. I was just trying out the technique that Tom and Rozi used on their Royal Wedding Animation for the project last term. I'm going to do a few of these to basically make my show reel look good - yes they're roto-scoped but they look kinda pretty and they're easy to do and they only last a second or 2.

(Trivia! ; if you're wondering then, the guy in the white is a Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders and the guy in the Blue is a Defensive End for the Buffalo Bills and they haven't played each other since 2008. Nobody wears number 93 for the Bills and number 11 is actually a kicker for the Raiders - I changed it to correspond with the game on Madden NFL I was playing at the time)

So, style change more like comic booky. So that's how it is so far. Gotta do all the environmenty bits. hoorrrah.

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