Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Also here's my armature. It does exist. I need to pop into Tragos and get a vice so I can cut up my K&S though (the brass square tubing on the left)
Ignore the hands, don't laugh. They're going wrong. Very very wrong. It's incredibly tricky to twist a pair of hands to be exactly the same size, this is my 5th attempt. My backup plan is to carve them. Although that may be a better solution anyway because she doesn't actually have to clasp anything. Also I've realized the outline of the feet isn't to scale they are going to be much bigger than that so it can actually stand up. But yeah I've got the torso done it's just the extremities to do and then cloth her and do the hair and pop in her eyes.
It's about 7.5 inches tall so far which is pushing the max. It'll probably be about 8 inches once I've added the hair but that's to be expected since I designed it initially to be 6.5-7 inches high (they always go taller than you design).

This is more the colour palette I want.
(although ignore the actual drawing and everything because it's crap and texture-less
I'm just trying to get the colour right)

Digital painting mucking about. They need more style.

The Inspiration is coming from the Kansas prairie

The storyboard is a bit too colourfull at the minute but you get the idea; I'll give this a wash layer tomorrow but right now it's 11pm and the only break I've had today has been the bus ride home so goodnight.

p.s. in case you were wondering the opening shot is inspired by

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