Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 2..or 3.

Okay so I finally admitted I'm ill today. I hate being ill...well it's not really ill, it's just a cold but I've managed to get the achey coughing one so going into Uni today is just not a good idea. Not least because I don't want to spread it around either.
I still did American Football practice yesterday though, although it's good because exercise is good. Anyhow. The point is these may be a bit shit because my head is aching and going WARAAAGGHHH and I have to go and blow my nose every 3 seconds and it makes me lose my train of thought.

ANYWAY. This is explains why I drawded this.
I don't like this one. It's not working right now. I'ma doing it tomorrow.
I've got a better angle I've doodled but I don't have a scanner at home.

If y'all remember this one? The Light at the End of the World, by the Owls.

I'm going to be mimicking the style of the opening.

Also for those of you (everyone) who haven't been reading mine and Derek's back and forth emails I've now changed 90% of my script! BUT! It's better. Muchos better. How?! HOW? Well, you'll have to wait til tomorrow when I scan my storyboard in because like I said I don't have a scanner here. Sure I could take a photo of it and upload that but how desperate are you for a storyboard? Probably not very.

The main difference now though, besides everything, is that she lives under a bridge. Well she doesn't live there. For some yet undecided reason (mainly because I can) I'm going to make this 2D flock of birds metamorphose (if that's the correct sciency term for 'change'?) into the Puppet. I'm going for a whole Brothers Quay, and The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb kinda feel.

In a nutshell, the Mother makes a 'scarecrow' of her son out of garbage and old clothes, with her dog, under this manky arched bridge.

There's a bit more too it than that obviously but I won't give away the ending until, well tomorrow I guess.

Also my armature is leg-less at the minute because I had a re-think and have made the legs better but tomorrow it shall be completed so I'll have pictures up of that, then on Friday I'm going to test the armature by itself. I've got a possible 'tailor' lined up too. So the plan is that next week I shall be doing animation tests with the puppet fully clothed and ready to go.

The best bit is I'm still on schedule...and I haven't even cheated and re-made my schedule.

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