Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Animal Firm and bye bye.

Good to finish with rain.

Especially since in my Animal Firm world it always rains. If you were wondering why that is, it's because an Owl, shortly after discovering the secrets of magic and becoming aware of the threat of the rats, desided that Rat's didn't like water and so made everyone believe that it always rains.

To make it stop raining all everyone has to do is stop beleiving that it IS raining. But they don't so it keeps raining.
Of course these particular Rats actually like water because they're sewer rats so the Owl was a dipstick anyway.

But that's all besides the points. Here's some final snippit bits and pictures stuff. (up top)

I didn't draw in the rain for the character pages because it was too distracting.
My favourites are the one at the bottom (my splash poster thing, and the bird slums)
I think I got some pretty good characters. They're all distinguishable from one another which is the main point when the majority of everything is black.I went with using yellow for Vasaris beak.

The only one I'm not so proud of is The Great Hijra. He's still too birdy for me. William of Orange too is a bit wierd...Not sure a Raven was the greatest choice. I spent the least amount of time on those two, unfortunatly it shows.

I do like my Rat King though. And for those of you disblievers prepare yourself for something horrible but...amazing. Seriously though, if you're eating...stop for a minute, or finish.

Yeah it's real. It's in some museum in Germany. My idea was that all the heads for Cromwell spoke at the same time. And he can see in all directions, and then what connects them all is the twisted and knotted tails. But he only has on slightly larger body. And the ears come together at the top like a crown.

Anyway so thats pretty much what I came up with. Had to bomb it out this last week a bit because obivously I spent 95% of my time on the what what what what what project.

It's kind of wierd that we don't have an end of term seminar just as a goodbye or a round up or what to get ready for next year or even a tutorial or anything. It's just kind of phased away...

I would've liked a half hour bye bye seminar or something. I kind of need closure. But hey whatever.

These two projects have turned me into a work aholic a bit. I've tried to take days off but I keep finding myself going back and writing out dialogue or drawing something. Not idley...I mean work pace. So I'm going to do a summer project. I'm not much of a sunbather. Honestly I prefer winter. I can't really sit still on a beach for hours. So I'm going to do a 2D line drawing animation of something I've always wanted to do. Which is yeah you probably guessed...american football.

I'm going to animate a game, or clips of games. Like NFL Flims do for their best of the week or something. The only trouble is getting the radio sound bites. Can't download them off anywhere because theNFL protect them the bitches. So just have to invest in a microphone and pirate it I guess.

I had the idea waaay back when I went interviewing for the Animation course in Bristol. And everything was rubbish except this one piece which was just line biro drawings nothing else, of animals in a farm, lots of line boil and bassically the tractor sounds turn into city sounds and a city starts sweeping over the landscape. I just really liked the drawing. You'll see what I mean when I start making it.

In between that I have to make some money. So send some tourists this way.

Anyway I enjoyed the year. And I'd rather not have a summer holiday. Unless it was snow. I love snow. Also I like my coat and now it's too darned hot for a coat. And I have to shower 3 times a day and my neck is browner than any other part of my body which refuses to go un-white....

But I'll be back soon. With some film. You'll see. It'll be aces.

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