Monday, June 14, 2010

Learn to Throw

This is pretty much what I'm making it look like. just me and a biro. Outlines and a bit of hatching. Probably won't draw their faces unless I decide to do some close ups. I'll just leave it as the facemask. If you were being all conspiracy-ish you might say I'm trying to make a point by removing their individuality and reducing them to their number. I.e. that's not Shawn Merrimen, that's just number 56. Like a prisoner.

Maybe I am. It's not intentional. Maybe it's sub-concious. Or maybe it's because I suck at drawing faces and this saves me lip syncing 22 mouths all at once shouting daft things like, "Hey defence I gotta question for all you, how y'all feeling today? Agile, hostile, highly motivated, motivated, motivated, ahhhh!"

Gets them pumped up. Ooooh!

Anyway that's not the point, the point is this is just about movement. Because to be honest they don't half make some darned interesting movements. I suppose I don't have to limit it to just american football? I won't do Soccer,'s rubbish they don't DO anything. Have you seen the world cup? I haven't seen anybody run yet. Unless I was interested in grown men standing about then falling over and crying about it then it's useless.
Rugby might be quite Or basketball. not cricket. Actually I suppose animating the guy with the plank hitting the big red cork might be a challenge. Who knows. Anyway. Here's a thumbnail test. IT WILL GET BETTER!

(Put it on repeat or something it's only 2 seconds neeoww)

Try to ignore the jumpy jumpy that's because I've just done it now with my super steady hands and a digital camera. I'll use the studio camera tomorrow.

This is only the top half. I'm adding the legs and hip movement in after I get this right.

Immediatly I notice there is one frame where his throwing arm dips down quite a lot. Also the timing is off, he needs to do the actual throwing motion much much quicker. So the solution is I might take out the inbetween on that. At least he's going in the right direction though. Just quicker and snappier.

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