Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Animal Firm update

This is pretty much how the pdf 'design bible' will look. I've got another couple of character pages but they're too big a file size for blogger or something.

The place with the barbed wire fence is called The Pound and it's where the Hitdogs (Hitmen) live. It's not wise to venture there alone! woooaaooowoooo! Unless you have a bone or some chicken I suppose. For anyone wondering I've gone for Hounds rather than Terriers (Which are the logical choice since Terriers are bred to kill small rodents) mainly because Terriers, well mine are anyway, are far too nice and cuddly for such a dark saga as this. Although saying that Beagels are pretty animals. Too illustrate my point here is 'Monica' from google images.

Hardly an terrifying instrument of the facist regiem is she? Awh awww.

Where as this dog, A Scottish Deerhound has a menacing but at the same time wise face. With that they're a bit scruffy, a bit old looking which is perfect for the Father Columbide character because he's supposed to be old (age unknown, just old) and seen the world. Whilst also appearing to be potentially aggressive.

So I've gone with Hounds for the Hitmen. Bassically the idea is when you want someone killed you hire out the pack, lead by Father Columbide (the scottish deerhound) and they find the scent, track and kill. Which is how a hunting pack operates in real life. You have your scent hounds (Beagles, Basset Hounds and American Foxhounds), your gun dogs (Pointers, Setters, Spaniels) which help find the prey, and your retrievers which bring back the kill. In addition there are also sight hounds such as Greyhounds and Whippets that are bred around speed and sight.

Other than wikipedia another good website about all this is The Newforest one.

In real life obviously the hunter kills the game, but for Animal Firm that's going to be done by the dogs themselves.

So I've chosen because they more associated with packs and hunting wereas terriers are a bit more individual. Also the wide variety of Hounds and their skill sets should provide a lot of character ideas. For pretty much the same reason I've dismissed using the typical guard dogs like Dobermans and Alsatians. Whilst they're the stereotypical strong aggressive dog, it's toooo stereotypical for me and a bit predictable and easy.

Bassically the whole idea is that the Hitdogs are the only gang that operate naturally as a team (Besides maybe the Talon Company, we'll come to that later) using lots of different types of dogs.

The fence is just there to look menacing. Since the only other animals are birds and rats it's actually pretty darned useless. But I bet even rats and birds look at barbed wire and think "oh no! I bet that place is scarrrreeyyy!"

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