Thursday, June 3, 2010


Had the "Screening" today. Saw everyone's work. Was pretty cool.
The only negative thing we recieved about ours was that it was square rather than widescreen. Personally that didn't even register with me. I don't know why. I just didn't notice. To make it widescreen would mean basically re-doing it and....we just don't want to.

At least all those hours in the studio paid off. If I'm brutally honest I think everyone else's animations would have been better if they'd come into the studio. Because whilst we were working on ours we had third and second years as well as george and derek looking at it as we went along and giving us little nuggets of feedback. Also all four of us were working simultaneously and as a group. I sound a bit like a naggy teacher but I know I'm also right even if it seems a bit high and mighty to say that I think the animations would have been better if they'd worked in the studio rather than in their rooms or at home. Also, I wanted to see what everyone was doing! I like seeing people's work.

Because honestly ours wasn't the best idea or the best story or anything but we made it good with blood sweat and tears. Except without the blood or the tears. Mostly just sweat. And sore eyes. And claw like hands from the mice.

Anyway my favourite was actually Olly, Dan and Hughs, the Noir Police one. I'm actually gutted they didn't finish it (took a week to render apparently). I thought it was a joke at first when it said unfinished. The sound track to it was great and the characters were great and it looked really professional. So yeah sucks it took so long to render.

I really liked the hobo one too by laurence miguel and andy. I loved the oooooooh at the start.

I liked all of them to be honest. I just thought some could have been a bit better. Obviously ours wasn't perfect. There were wierd bits in it. Like the scene when Dave punches Henson and he bassically just materializes (not my idea by the way, but I couldnt come up with a better one so I shut up) and it looks a bit funny. Or the hug because the shoulder was incredibly hard to model and animate and we just sort of gave up on it and never got back to it.
But on the plus side it made people laugh and the loved the style of it and my whole day of animating Michael Jackson and Ronald Regen dancing paid off.

It all worked and came together and we, well I know I did anyway, enjoyed the group. I think I said it before, but I'll say it again, to Charlie Sam and Ryan, great group, good work I really genuinley enjoyed it and I think we've deserved a time-out. Because I personally don't want to see another sodding motion tween for a good few months yet.

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