Thursday, June 24, 2010

Square 1

Well I've just been to the library and whilst looking for the graphic novel The Watchmen, I came across a load of others that just have some fantastic artwork in them.

Had my end of term tutorial, so now the year is offically over. I got two 1st's, some 2-1's
and 2-2's so not bad really.

Kathy suggested, and I will do this, that for the summer I work on the 3D space of characters, so drawing them front back and side/angle. So they're more animation compatable, but still keep the arty/illustration side of it. This is to improve my concept work.

I'm also going to improve my storytelling and storyboarding. I thought comic books would help with this because they're very closely related to storyboards. Well...they're bassically the same thing. Which is why I was looking for watchmen. Also I wanted to read it, but anyway, I came across others and here they are;

Plastic Forks (this one is from book 2) by Ted McKeever (Epic Comics) - also the top image.

Stray Toasters by Bill Sienkiewicz (Image Comics inc)

And my favourite so far, Arkham Asylum (Batman) - Written by Grant Morrison and painted by Dave McKean (DC Comics)

The pen-line drawings are early thumbnails drawn by Grant Morrison when writing, he gave them to Dave McKean who painted from them and expanded the story into something more epic.

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