Saturday, February 5, 2011

As you can see the town has been unmistakeably killed

This is what I was meaning. For the introduction. A quick news reel from 1945 - 1960 in this style.

(I shall explain all this later) Basically, After World War 2, the Giants have to grow the land again. The aftermath in 1945 provides the backdrop and set-up for the New Town setting.

These are film posters from the mid 1950s. note the flat colours and for some reason Yellow is a common theme (not just in these ones but in practically every film poster I looked at...for obvious reasons I can't post them all on here) maybe it's to capture your eye. I imagine it was a bit grey in the aftermath of the second world war.

I always liked this one.

Why aren't there films like this now?

Supermarkets are another key thing to look at. The death of the local grocer was prominent in 1950-1960s Britain. Although my hometown still has a Butcher AND a green-grocer so take that Wall Mart.

Anyway another example of the newsreel. I'm thinking of introducing my pre production project like this (if it were to get made that is). Much like the beginning of Pixars's UP and The Incredibles.

p.s. This will all make sense later. I'll write it out tomorrow. In a nice clear timeline.

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